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Alex , i have question ....

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Alex , i have question ....
Alex, i have question about Links SQL....

my server have a heavy trouble in searching the data.
my data 12000 links.
It takes 6 - 8 seconds.

server CPU is PentiumII 300(512K),
RAM 256M

I don't know about SQL.
and i can english but a little.....
(I am Korean. do you know Korea?)

nevertheless can i use Links SQL?
i am beginners( but my server root)

your company help this (mySQL install.. and data convert...etc.)
if i purchased and told telnet ID & Passwd (including root) ?

i had worked part-time job for linksSQL..
(i am university student....)

please answer me..

(sorry, my insufficient english expression..)

Thank you!

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