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Backup file bug?

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Backup file bug?
I went through my backup directory, and noticed something very weird.

I have some HTML code in my file descriptions, and every <BR> and <P> in the description causes a newline in the backup file.

Wouldn't the backup file be 'safer' if it was written out as pipe-delimited, with tabs expanded to spaces, since the pipe character *is* one character you really want to filter out of any input command?? Also, the pipe is the standard field separator of flat files on Unix/perl and most utilities use it as the delimeter. The backup *really* should be secure.

And... rather than keeping just 7 backups, since during debugging, modifications, advertiser changes, etc, I may run the build several times a day, how about an option to keep x-number of backups, but ONE PER DAY like Links 2.0. ??? In short order I could overrun good backups with spoiled copies.

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