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Sign Up and Tracking Mod?

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Sign Up and Tracking Mod?
Hello everyone,

I have mod I am trying to do, and despite Carol's wonerful help in the past (and a crash course in perl) I have been able to perform many small mods on my own, but this one is stumping me.

I am looking to use dbman as a sign up and tracking system. Here is the basic premise.

Here is the sign-up:

1. A user comes to sign up and is presnted with questions.
2. If user answers first 10 questions they pay $35.00 for sign up. If user answers all 20 questions, they pay $25.00 for membership.
3. Upon answering whichever number of questions they would like their order is processed via a merchant account (authorize.net).
4. The users recives on the following page a confirmation message and an ID #.
5. All information is written to the dbman database and will use the record added to db mod.

Here is the tracking part:

1. Upon confirmation and recieving the ID # a user can give a friend the ID # as a referral #.
2. For each friend that signs up and uses the # a field on the origonal purchasors record will log the number of times there ID # is used.
3. Once that number has reachd 10 an email will be sent to the site admin alerting them.
4. The site admin will then go back to admin area and reset the number of referrals.
5. At his point the site admin would refund the purchasors money (but that is manual).

So as you can see it is pretty detailed. Any advice on how to do it, orif anyone wishes to take on a pay or free project let me know.

Thank you very much,

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