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Thanks, Alex.

2. Please explain more about it:

My db.cgi is in /~034897s/www/cgi-bin as it is seen in my unix account, but it appears as /~034897s/cgi-bin on the web. So,

A. Should I adress it as in unix or as on web?

B. Please give a specific example (as in /~034897s/www/cgi-bin) how to "move it out of dir tree", and how to modify

$db_file_name = $db_script_path . "/default.db";

line accordingly.

3. Aha!

Here is how I did it, in case someone else need it (or for you to include in the readme file):

chmod 755 db.cgi
chmod 666 defa*
chmod 644 defa*.cfg
chmod 777 auth

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