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Re: [pstewart726] Digest::SHA1 Issue Debian

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Re: [pstewart726] Digest::SHA1 Issue Debian In reply to
Hi Paul,

Unfortunately it's been a while since we've last released a new version of Gossamer Mail so things are a bit out of date. It looks like Spam Assassin has updated their modules to use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 as well.

What you can do to is to switch Gossamer Mail to use the system install Spam Assassin modules. I haven't tested this, but you'll have to do the following:
  • Comment out in admin/GMail/SpamAssassin.pm:
    • rules_filename => "$admin/GMail/Config/SpamAssassin/default-rules",
      site_rules_filename => "$admin/GMail/Config/SpamAssassin/site-rules",
    • use Digest::SHA1 ();
  • Rename admin/Mail to something else (eg. Mail.old)

That should make it use your system's Spam Assassin. Hopefully they didn't break their module's API :)

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