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[New Design] RounderDesign

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[New Design] RounderDesign

Its been a while since I released a pre-made template set for GLinks, so I thought it was about time :) This design came out of a site I was working on, but the client decided it wasn't the direction he wanted to go in. It seemed such a shame to waste the design, that I've been working on this in all my spare time for the last couple of months, and its finally ready for release <G>


Below is an example of this design, so you can have a play:

As always, if you have purchased the "Design Package", then you will see this new design in the Members Area from now.

For anyone else, you can find more information (and screenshots) of this design from the above URL. The price is $60, but considering that I've spent many many many hours on this design, I'm sure you will appreciate its very good value for money Angelic

As always, if you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact me here, or via email.


Andy (mod)
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