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Any news from GT?

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Any news from GT?

Does anybody have any news from GT? Are they still alive? What about their product Links, Forum, Community etc? Jack? Alex?

I know last time you sad you don't have time at the moment for this products because you're working on some custom jobs, but that was few years ago.

I will not say good or bad things about all this situation, but just need to know, do you plan on updating your software or not, in near feature?

Reason is that I plan to revive our site, and if you don't plan on updating it, I'll look for some other product, with no hard feelings at all.

And about that, need information, does anyone of you have any knowledge of moving all data (Community/users, Forum/posts and Links/links) to another software and if you do, which software would you recommend?

Thank you all in advance!

Best regards.

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