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Adding new tables

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Adding new tables

I have a three databases of births, marriages and death records. The births records are in a table uploaded onto my site, in use and working well. However I now have death records data I want to put up. I have created a table called deaths, assigned the template set and added some sample data. I thought that creating a copy of the search_form.html and search_results.html used for births and renaming them for use with deaths with these two lines changed from births to deaths would work:

<input type=hidden name="db" value="births"> is now <input type=hidden name="db" value="deaths">
<input type=hidden name="do" value="search_results"> is now <input type=hidden name="do" value="deaths_search_results">

but it hasn't - when I go to the /cgi-bin/db.cgi?do=deaths_search_form it comes back with a standard GT template saying there is an error on births: invalid action.

Looking at Setup - Paths & URLs - the default table is births, but if I change this then I'm not going to be able to use the births data am I?

I've had a look at the help supplied and it implies that you can have more than one table.

I'm not sure where I've gone wrong - can someone give me a clue?


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