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[COMING SOON] Advert Plugin

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[COMING SOON] Advert Plugin

I've been working on this plugin for a while now - and its come along very well :)

Features are like so:

You can setup a banner as a monthly/impressions/hits type. For example, you could set them with 1000 impressions (and once their impresisions has reached its limit, the ad is disabled). Or if they have it "per click", you can set the price per click, and their "account balance" - and once that expires, it will disable the advert. Similar thing for "impressions" - it will use their impressions up, and once done - then will disable.

Cool admin interface, easy to setup new banners / manage

You can do category targetting. For example, if you put:


... then it would show in ALL the Test/Something categories (as well as Test/Something itself).

If you were to put:


... it would show in all categories that have the word "test" in.

If you wanna show it in ALL the categories, you would just enter ALLAREAS.

This gives a nice bit of flexability.

Anyhow, I'll be needing some beta testers for this plugin once I've finished it off (just putting the basics in plugin form now - and then just need to write a little interface, so your advertisers can login and track their banners)

If anyone who owns the ULTRA Pro package would like to test this out for me (once ready :)), then please email me , or PM me.


Andy (mod)
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