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Re: [SSmeredith] upgrade`problem

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SSmeredith wrote:
HI All-

I just did the automatic upgrade to 3.3 and now my index is showing 404 not found. I backed up the templates and then after the upgrade, noticing the problem, I placed the old template files back. Then another rebuild and when I click on dynamic my page shows up but the static won't build an index page. The other static pages like New and Cool are throwing internal error messages. All my permissions are showing ok and not sure where else to look.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


In relation to 404 for index page, I would recommend to check your settings under Admin => Build Options => build_index => and make sure that it is set to proper default settings. Also just for testing you should also test build_root_url/build_index So even if the default url settings on your server is different than in GLinks, it should show you directory's home page. In addition, if dynamic section is working just fine, I think it might just be an issue with setting under Build Options.

I would try doing the same thing for New and Cool Pages and see if how it displayes.

Hope this helps.

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