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bug: Internal indexing / lowercase special characters

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bug: Internal indexing / lowercase special characters

I would like to use internal indexing for my LSQL installation. Besides other challanges I ran into the problem of special characters like ÄÖÜ.
As far as I can see the indexing bases on stornig all words as lowercase in the Links_Word_List. lc does not produce lowercase characters on my server.
I found information that the "use locale;" could solve the problem. That did not work for me.

I have a workaround now although I don´t like it:

in admin/GT/SQL/Search/Base/Search.pm I added

$match = lc($match);

my $match = lc $+;

and in admin/GT/SQL/Search/Base/Search.pm :

@words = split /[^\w\x80-\xFF\-]+/, lc $text;

I found this snippet in the web and it works for me. I do not know anything about requirements and the disadvantage is that the core code is modified.
Another thing is that highlighting of words with special characters does not work. Didn´t yet find out what to modify to fix that.
I would be interested in people who have/had the same problem and found another solution or maybe it is possible to add something like the above to the code.


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