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Google Maps
Hi Andy,

Got an idea for those who run certain types of sites, like restaurant listings or hotels or mix of them.

This could be an addon to one of your google maps scripts or a new one.

What if, you take cat "Restaurants" or cat 3, grab the <%Title%><%Address%><%Pic%><%Whateverelse%> and build a page specificly for that category, such as this:


But instead of being restaurants and bars (which could be, is you select top cats) you create one for restaurants (a child category), where you can select the types of restaurants (Fast Food, Sea Food, Meat, Mexican, Italian) and when you click on the "Mexican" all mexican restaurants would get marked, showing the bubble with the info we already have...

I already have something working, not linked to Links, but its a pain to update by hand. This plugin could do it automaticly.
If youd like to see it (almost in production)
Going further, this could give you all positions for Gas Stations, hotels, restaurants etc, or dig in a category further, and see types of restaurants.

This would be awesome...

Juan Carlos
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