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Re: [DeadMan] GLinks suggestions

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DeadMan wrote:

4. Better editor browsing management. You cannot translate editor side of script, browser.cgi because it's like part of admin. Maybe editors should have different templates from admin browser.cgi so it be easily be changed. Maybe to be part of Luna templates

I second that.

How about adding a feature where Editor can simply have 'edit' option next to all links within their category in normal view (if dynamic). So in other words, editor will actually be using the same interface as the site design and link owners - however admin/designer can add few more tags, that will allow editors to browse the site like normal person, but also give ability to edit listings from there.

Doing so, gives admin complete control on what options will be available for editors to edit. As many a times, admin would not want editors to be able to edit hits, rating, or some times the listings might have some information that should not be even displayed to editors - and such template structure can give admin total control.

In addition, by creating new table in user group, admin can also give editors different rights, for example, 2 levels of editors, where one can edit cost of the listing, expiry date, and other custom options, while junior editors can only edit description or other basic information as part of their job.

Ofcourse the benefits of this feature are far beyond the scope of what is mentioned above. So allowing admin to give editor custom designed interface, would be an extremely important feature.

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