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GLinks suggestions

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GLinks suggestions

Ok, this is what I would like to see in new version of GLinks:

1. AlertPay as new payment gateway

2. Better Search Logs management. Maybe as separate menu because this is important for web directory. I would like to see improved deleting of logs, searching logs, viewing logs by day, month or year, forbidding some words to log in database etc.

3. Better Newsletter management. Now you must click on + for every category to send newsletter to that category. If you have many categories this is very paintfull. Better would be just like one link "Send newsletter" and then script would go through each category and send emails to that users.

4. Better editor browsing management. You cannot translate editor side of script, browser.cgi because it's like part of admin. Maybe editors should have different templates from admin browser.cgi so it be easily be changed. Maybe to be part of Luna templates

That is for now. If I remember something else will write it down. Wink


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