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GForum integrate with DBMan SQL?

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GForum integrate with DBMan SQL?
I have not posted or visited this forum in quite sometime - but used to be an everyday vistor/poster to these forums late 90's and early in 2000. I built a heavily modified version of the flat file version of DBMan and eventually converted it to SQL with the help of JPDeni and others.

At that time we all were looking for a way to integrate a Bulletin Board (Forum) with DBMan and be able to use the same login as was in our DBMan tables. Now here it is, 2008 and I am revisiting this topic as I have used many other boards over the years but none "integrated" with DBMan. My question is since I see Gossamer has come up with GTForum - does it integrate with DBMan? Does it use the same table structure as the login/user Tables of DBMan?

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Thread GForum integrate with DBMan SQL? donm 4163 Jun 22, 2008, 1:55 AM
Post Re: [donm] GForum integrate with DBMan SQL?
Andy 4071 Jun 22, 2008, 2:15 AM