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Re: [Andy] Gossamer Links Setup

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Re: [Andy] Gossamer Links Setup In reply to
Yes, I have the original data. Thanks for the reply. I've had to do
a setup or install before with other programs and it ended up
wiping out my old database and settings, so I was cautious on
taking a step without reviewing it with you.

I went ahead and did the INITIAL SETUP again and got the
errors noting "failed - file already exists" etc. But everything worked
and I'm up and running.

It's was a little disconcerting to see how easily the main admin
section allowed me to reset the entire system by just opening
the SETUP option. I was looking for the place to change the
title pages. GT installed the software for me and the home page
title had "Gossamer Threads." I was able to change that in the
global settings. Close this thread out as "SOLVED"
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