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Re: [qix] Links 2.0 - Use the same Link ID again

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Re: [qix] Links 2.0 - Use the same Link ID again In reply to
Reusing the ID's is possible, but it's not a good idea. It would also confuse the search engines to some degree, and it would be better for people to get a "nice" error message if a game/page was missing rather than getting a completely wrong game/page.

You asked about LinkSQL (in the other thread), and if you have the ability to run the SQL version, you can run it dynamically with low over head (especially on a site with few links) and each page could *look* as if it were static, with "nice" urls. This is a much better idea.

If you still really wanted to reuse ID's, the easiest way would be to write the deleted ID(s) to a file and simply check that file when a new link is added. If the file was empty, pick the next number. This would work in either version (you'd use a table for the SQL version). This would also incur a much lower overhead on a Links 2.0 system than trying to find the missing numbers each time.

Unfortunately, I don't work with the flat file version any longer, or have it running on any site.

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