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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Guestbook v1.0

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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Guestbook v1.0

After a LOT of work, I'm please to announce my latest plugin, Guestbook v1.0.

This plugin gives you users the ability to have their *own* Guestbook page. With advanced features, such as markup [optional], smilies, ability to ban users from posting on their Guestbook, logging of postings (for admin's eyes only), the ability for admins to "validate" new submissions [optional], a CAPTCHA system for the add pages [optional], many admin features (such as log viewing, validate new posts)... and more. You can even display the xx most recent entries from their Guestbook, on their profile page. Users can also preview their Guestbook entry, before posting. For more details, see the "Features" section - as there's a lot of cool features in this plugin.

Detailed Page: http://www.ultranerds.com/...gins/Guestbook_L232/

This plugin is also part of the "GForum ULTRA Package" [ view all ]

Price: $75

Demo: View Demo Here

Plugin Requirements:

1. Gossamer Forum 1.2.0+


  • Admin functions - including validating area (if you decide you want to validate new guestbook entries), and Log viewer (to see whos posting to whos guestbook)
  • Users can post "smilies" in their posts.
  • Ability for users to turn on/off their guestbook.
  • Users can ban others from posting to their guestbook (via a "ban users" section)
  • Admin can set a max number of guestbook entries per user (or set to 0, for unlimited)
  • Ability to show the users last xx posts to their guestbook on their profile page.
  • Posters can also set a "private" flag, so ONLY the person who owns the guestbook can see it.
  • The owner of the guestbook can delete entries (from their own guestbook)
  • Users can turn off their Guestbook totally, via their profile
  • CAPTCHA security image (can be turned off easily in the admin panel)
  • Logs posts to the Guestbook's.
    Admin can turn on/off the ability to use BBCodes (only [u] , [b] , [i] , [img] , [email] and [url])
  • Admin can turn on/off the ability to use Smilies
  • User "preview" feature, so they can see how their entry is going to look, before posting it =)


You can see the screenshots here: http://www.ultranerds.com/...gins/Guestbook_L232/

As always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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