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*REALLY* annoying bug :/

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem - but I'm having a hell of a time with dates in the templates :(

If we pass in a date - i.e 2007-10-21 , it AUTOMATICALLY gets converted into the %ddd% %mmm% %dd% %yyyy% format.

This is a real PITA on the current plugin I'm working on (I've managed to get around it, but I'm not happy at the way I've had to do it :()

I basically had to convert dates being passed into the template - so:



2007 - 10 - 21

Then, pass it BACK to a function, to replace the - to normal - i.e:

sub {

my $date = $_[0];
$date =~ s/ - /-/sig;
return $date;


Surely there has to be a better way than this? Not very elegant at all - although it does work now (which is something)


Andy (mod)
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