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Improving index search

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Improving index search
1. While watching the word_list and score_list, i see there are words with a Big Char at the Beginning of the word.
I would like to change this, to have all words in lowercase letters ( i can do this with an sql, uc_first), but how and where in LSQL i can chage this?

2. I want to get rid of all words and more important all rows in score-list for words like "the", "a" and so on.
Has anyone done this before? Maybe with "count only words with 4 or more chars, but count "from list".
Or maybe with count all with more than 2 chars, but not "from list".

vbulletin for example choose only words with more than 3 chars, but there is a list of words i can add for words with less chars to count, too.
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Post Improving index search Robert 1209 Dec 31, 2007, 3:27 AM