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add.cgi problem

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add.cgi problem
I get an "...add.cgi script produces no output" error message after clicking on "add a link" after signing in as a user but all the other top row links work such as modify (says "oops, nothing to modify"), bookmark, new link etc.
I can add links fine from the admin area (as the administrator). I have checked my user templates and restored to original except for the include header and I've checked add.pm and some of the other .pm and cgi files and they look okay. Everything seems to be working except add.cgi (from user sign in )and this is this is the first time I've used it since installing 3.2. I"ve looked at build options and can't see anything that would cause this problem but we've never used "users" before as Goss was just used an "Internet Links" feature but now we want to enable people to upload media. Any suggestions to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
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