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This is very nice plug-in.

Thanks :)

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It would be even better if the page with so many links would split into more pages with no more than 100 links on one page. Google doesn't like pages with more than 100 links. Well 150 would be ok I think, but 300 would be too much.

Yes, I'm looking at putting that feature in. Unfortunately, our site (main installation) doesn't have large numbers of links in any of our categories - so its quite hard to test. I'm going to try doing it on one of our DMOZ directory sites, which has a substantial number more links, so it can be tested thoroughly.

Alternatively, if you don't mind me testing it (in a safe environment) on your site, I would be happy to give you a free copy in return =) (the users of the site wouldn't even know I was doing any work =))


Andy (mod)
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