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Auth VBulletin plugin readme

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Auth VBulletin plugin readme
Hi all,

I just installed the Auth VBulletin plugin, but its kind of hard figuring out the instructions on how to make iyt work properly.

I've the latest plugin version 1.8, and the only thing i'm seeing its the About text which doesnt explain much about howthe proper install (as i'm reading the forums and it seems like confussing because the cookies and the code changes I might need to do on certain forms, but im not 100% sure where do I need to apply those changes).

Does anyone knows if there's a readme file I can follow in order to have this plugin properly installed. Right now I already make an import from my linkssql db into the vbulletin db, so all my directoy members are now also part of my foums directory, but as per the new members it appears doesnt work. (I already made a test while registering as a new user on my foums, but I cant log into the directory system with the new created username and password).

Thanks in advance,

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