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Drop Down Search Options
Ok, after hours of trying, I give up. Maybe someone here can come up with the answer.
I know its been referenced (sort of) in other posts, but couldnt find the right answer.

On home page I have the regular search box.
All links have a "isVideo" or "isArticle" or "isWhatever" property, marked Yes or No. (Default is No).

Im trying to place a drop down box so the visitor has the regular keyword search option, but can be more specific with searching only the links marked as "isVideo" or "isArticle".

Ive tried creating the drop down box, but its not passing the right syntax. Check boxes work fine, but it would get too long of a list, drop down would be much better.

Here is one of the many codes Ive tried:

<select size="1" name="Search">
<option selected>All</option>
<option value="isDoctor=Yes">Doctors</option>
<option value="isVideo=Yes">Videos</option>
<option value="isArticle=Yes">Articles</option>
<option value="isDeseases=Yes">Deseases</option>
<option value="isGallery=Yes">Picture Gallery</option>

The output I want is:

Im getting:

I know I have to rename the dropdown to something, but even if I do, the syntax I get on the search string is somehow not correct.
Also, are the %3D accepted? Its suppossed to be an equal sign...


Thank you in advance.

Juan Carlos
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