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Three Questions

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Three Questions
Hello at Gossamer Threads,
I'm planning to upgrade from flatfile links 2.0 (German Version) to Links Sql.

But first I need to know, if Links 3.01 is what I'm looking for.

I want to block all but registered users from clicking links (downloads on my site)
I found the following thread with an attachment from fuzzy logic
My first Question: Is the attachment in this thread above working on links 3.01?

I have four links 2.0 flatfile databases. Every database has IDs from 1 to 2000.
My second Question: Would it cause ID-conflicts to import all four databases in one Links Sql version?

Im running a download site with flatfile links 2.0.
My most important third question:
I need a user profile in Links Sql which shows the number of logins and linkviews/downloads of each user.
I mean a user profile site which shows:

User Axel has
Logins: 25
Download/Linkviews: 340
Last Login: 25.11.06

I have nearly no experience with perl, so is something like that possible with Links Sql or Gossamer Community????


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