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need help getting thumb_image to work

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need help getting thumb_image to work
Hi, I bought the thumb_image plug-in to save me time as I need to get the Directory going but I still can’t get this to work. I have perused the forums to no avail and there is missing info, broken links (to help) and such so I am giving up and asking for help. Andy, if you are out there I will pay to have this plug-in installed and working properly. I haven’t dealt much with the script as of late so there are things I’m not sure of, such as why is there a “width” and “height” field in the “links” table (but not in Category table) and do I need the “Image” field that I created in the “Category” table or is this causing problems? I don’t think the plug-in is loading at all. I am not seeing any place to put a path to the images in the set up of the plug in (not sure if necessary as path is in table) and this was mentioned somewhere. My Image Magick seems to be working as I did the “test” and the image came up fine and I can use the Image Magick viewer to view image files. This may not mean all is working fine though.
I have installed the plug-in a couple of times but I get the same message. I just want to upload small images to sit beside my categories, sub categories etc. and I was told I could do this with the thumb_image plug in. I downloaded the plug-in for 3.0.4 and I’using the most recent version of lsql. If anyone can help that would be great.
I get this error when I do a “readme” from the plugins panel in admin. Same type of error if I modify a category with an image attached. I can only see these images in admin, not on the actual directory. Thanks, S
Unable to load plug-in: Thumb_Images (Can't locate Image/Magick.pm in @INC (@INC contains: E:/its/wwwroot/cgi-script/glinks/admin C:/Perl/lib C:/Perl/site/lib .) at E:/its/wwwroot/cgi-script/glinks/admin/Plugins/Thumb_Images.pm line 39.BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at E:/its/wwwroot/cgi-script/glinks/admin/Plugins/Thumb_Images.pm line 39.Compilation failed in require at E:\its\wwwroot\cgi-script\glinks\admin\admin.cgi line 205.) at E:\its\wwwroot\cgi-script\glinks\admin\admin.cgi line 207.
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