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Re: [pugdog] [UPDATE] postcards script and image uploads

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Re: [pugdog] [UPDATE] postcards script and image uploads In reply to
The postcards script with image uploads is pretty well stable, it seems.

But, the GL3 upgrades have broken a lot of the attached plugins that were used since LSQL2x, so they had to be rewritten, and took time away from other things.

I have the beta/stable version running at either

http://creepycards.com (upgraded site)
http://pittsburghpostcards.com (new install site)

The postcards templates are still pretty ugly, but they are _templates_ and you can pretty them up any way you see fit, even cut the number of "steps" by putting the required tags in the earlier template, and calling a later display page (in otherwords, extremely flexible -- it was a great script even for the 2.x days.) There are a few quirks on those sites which are being handled by the rewrites to the ancillary programs.

I should have the ancillary plugins updated too, reccommend_it, detail_page, and my_rate (advanced ratings).
Apparantly, the my_rate plugin was *never* put into a plugin (at least that I can find) so hence the "my_rate" moniker and I'm having to write the install routines from the ground up for that. And, actually, in syntactical use, my_rate.cgi works well since the program does keep track of each users ratings, and it's visually different from rate.cgi.

In addition, the workload for the larger image upload system is overwhelming, to say the least. The list of features is growing faster than I can even add them to the lists <groan> Andy and I have been somewhat MIA, at times apparantly KIA this summer, but I know I've been working my curly little tail off.

There are 5 distinct versions of this program, not counting the basic "postcards" install, and that is creating some additional issues (but it's necessary, unfortunately). The newest version will be a "single user" system, which will be a display-only system. It will allow YOU the sysadmin, or anyone else, to set up GL3 as YOUR gallery/portfolio system, and allow others to comment. It will *not* allow anyone to upload or add or otherwise set up their own galleries/etc. (And, in keeping with the spirit, it *SHOULD* be compatible to upgrade into one of the various multi-user systems).

That version should go into demo/beta in a week or two, and obvious tangential uses would be for a catalog. I need to see which version will work better, but as of now, it will be set up as an add-on to the GL3 system, so each LINK will be an item (image, product, etc) but if it's a product, several images will be able to be attached to the LINK for different views. It will use the internal GL3 system for bookmarks, with extra comment and ratings features. It obviously will not have the more advaced comments, friends, and/or favs systems since it's a single-user (uploader) system.

I'm sorry I haven't been around in the past year or so as I have been for forum posts, but something had to give, and that has been my time on-line overall. Real life has been taking more of a bite out of my time, including the taking into our home of a 3rd foster/adoptive child. Such a big deal has been recently made out of Madonna, and Angelina, but we're on our 3rd, and I now have two 16 y/o girls a month apart; and while we are all getting along (better than might be expected) they are both special needs. Kids, especially teenagers need your time, and special needs kids need more of it. So, [lifting left hand, then right] there has to be a balance, and something has to give.

I know I've missed a few self imposed deadlines, but if you need a version of any of the new plugins (or older ones) updated, please contact me and I can probably arrange a custom install. In many cases, the install routines are what are going to delay the release of the programs longer than anything else. Once the code is done, the install routines have to be updated, checked, sync'd and tested to do what is expected and not cause any mischief with existing plugins. They are fairly complicated, and extremely boring, time consuming, grunt work :( but they make or break a successful installation.


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