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Befuddled Dreamweaver 8 user

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Befuddled Dreamweaver 8 user
Hello All.

Since I don't know all the info I need to provide in order for you to help me, I'll probably give you more than you need! Sorry about that in advance!

I've designed a site for a nonprofit and they want me to add a forum on their site. They share a server with a school that they sponsor. The school tech person (with whom I'm not permitted to speak) gave me access to the server. Here are their server specs:

Apache 1.3.33
php4 4.3.10
perl 5.8.4
libdb-mysql-perl 2.9006
libdbi-perl 1.46
mysql-server 4.0.24

I have Dreamweaver 8 on my PC (although I usually work on a Mac, using Dreamweaver MX). I downloaded GForum and followed the ReadMe instructions to copy the install.dat and install.cgi to the server, which I did w/ DW's ftp feature. OK. From my PC/Dreamweaver, I can see the files in the remote folder (although they don't show on the Mac/DW screen).

Now what? The ReadMe says to "set the permissions of install.cgi to 755." What does that mean? How do I do that? (You can tell that I'm a Mac user, right?)

Next, it says to "Set permissions of the directory you want to install GForum into to 777." Again, what does that mean and how do I do that?

Next, it says to "run install.cgi from your browser." How?

I sincerely hope that after I accomplish the above steps, things will be clearer to me -- or am I dilusional?

Thanks so much for your assistance!
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