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Adding A Sub-Sub-Category? (newbie)

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Adding A Sub-Sub-Category? (newbie)
I bought this program but now realize I am wayyyy over my head, but since I own it, I'm going to try to figure it out. Could someone tell me if it is possible to add a sub-sub category? I am working on an affiliate related site and I am not trying to do anything particulary creative but I can't figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated since all the budget went into buying the program and I have to now figure this stuff out.Crazy

I want the Main Categories like - Auto, Apparel, Appliance
Then within the Main Categories I need Sub Categories such as under Auto it would be Auto Part, Motorcycle, SUV (etc)
But then I also need the merchants to be Sub Categories and have them listed under multiple applicable Categories
(am I making sense?)

So the structure would look something like ..
--- Auto Parts
-------- AutoBarn
------------- A 'AutoBarn' page with links related just to AutoBarn

-------- AutoPartsExpress
------------- A 'AutoPartsExpress' page with links related just to AutoPartsExpress

The links that I put into the specific Merchant pages, I would also want to be able to use the Browse page and copy them to other applicable categories such as "free shipping" if it applies.

Is this possible to do?

Thanks... leeann
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