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What template is term "New" for categories in?

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What template is term "New" for categories in?
Iīm trying to locate that string, but I do not find it in category.html. Links.html I have found it in for links, but not categories.

Constructive critism (I hope)

I have been using this software, both Gmail and Links for 4-5 years now (or is it more maybe..), but one thing that I have noticed is that text strings are stored in so many places (Template editor, globals, langauge strings and even hardcoded). Why not just have everything in a language editor, Iīm sure it would have saved at least me for several months of work during all these years. Used the entire weekend translating this to Norwegian (now mainly talking about GTmail), and still not half done. The layout is fine, but having to find strings inside the template and trying to locate it everywhere is a painfull process with large potential for errors.

I understand that it is boring to extract these strings and a bit time demanding, but it will give so large benefits for those who not have english as their main language, and there are many of us ;) In a company I work for, we have a dedicated text author, and it would also make the job for her (and others like her) easier too. I belive it would also be of large benefit for you, not having to answer a lot of questions why things doesnīt work after someone destroys the javascript editing a text. Also upgrading your software would be easier, or selling to new markets. I have put upgrading on hold for long times due to this and it is also a reason why I have been looking for other software to do the job (however, didnīt find one with the same quality elsewhere). This last version however, is far better to translate than before, but..

Simply donīt understand why this isnīt done, it should be of large benefit for everyone? Iīm a software developer myself, and selling both to US, Norway and most of the countries in the world. People are sending me language files for free and are so happy when they get the software in their language.

Donīt get me wrong. I like the software, itīs very good. But this would make my life and many others, Iīm sure, a bit easier :) Also, I like the auto-update thing btw.
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