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Upgrade from 2.2.4-Upgrade

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Upgrade from 2.2.4-Upgrade

I have recently purchased a new server, and I want to have GMail on that server instead of on the old one.

However: I seem to have a lot of "leftovers" during many years of upgrading (I ran a free solution before, with 10.000 of users, but now only for paid users). And I have almost desided to do a fresh install and in one way or another transfer the email. Since I have translated the hole program to norwegian and added a Norwegian payment vendor to the solution, it will be a large job I guess.

Somehow, I want to make it up to the user to transfer their mail to the new server, in order to not transfer all the old junk. This can be done by asking the users to Forward emails to their own address.

Any tip on this, is there any kind of remote mail import or procedures I should follow?
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