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Glinks Customization
I am running Glinks. The following is an initial list of what I would like to see. I'm sure some are available within Glinks and some as plugins. I'm looking for someone who knows Glinks and knows how to set these items up or can "make it happen" I probably could read thru 142 pages and figure some of this out but would rather pay to have it done. This will be an ongoing relationship....

1. logos with listings; details page with larger logo.

2.do away with the "rateit - review it"
where rate/review currently is, add small image/text box (same size as rate review) - This image/text box would be "Local" "National" "International" "Online" (describing where member is willing to do business) Client would select this from his listing details via radio button. Additional text box links directly to email of client.

3. Force one listing to remain at the top of ALL listed categories.

4. Template the site. I like the Luna theme so not any major overhaul.

5. Add code on right side of Luna theme to run ads. I have adrevenue adserver (uses javascript) This has worked well for me in the past but if you have better ideas... share.

6. Possible to allow member to add his IM information? On the 'details' page, it would show if the member is online or available for immediate contact? I would like to see Skype integrated here. If the 'surfer' doesn't have skype... he could be redirected to a static affiliated link.

7. Basic Listing and Paid Listings status. Would like to see an third status (between basic and paid) That allows the client to add a reciprocal link to their business site... in return, he would receive higher ranking in the listings. Have to establish "link checking"...

Again, I am looking for an ongoing relationship with someone familiar with Glinks. Your ideas and creativity are expected as the site develops.

Please bid on the above with details (if need be) Provide some of your work for reference if you are interested in working more on this project.

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