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Sorting of "Related Category" Entries

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Sorting of "Related Category" Entries

I'll like to have another small mod in my website that uses SQL Links 1.x, an older bilingual and customized version of Links SQL (which was made for me at the time where that biligual mod was not offered as a separted plugin yet). At the end of any of my categories pages, I have a list of Related Categories (I just began adding related categories so not all of my cat pages have Related Categories entries at the bottom of the page).

The way they are sorted right now is by first come first go basis. This probably would work fine for small directories, but I feel it will look much better and easier to navigate if they were sorted alphabetically. Each related category entry should be sorted alphabetically, according to the category and subcategory names in English and Spanish (I also have other French and German versions which are only translations made by a computer software of the original English version, so I don't need any work on them).

This will work great for me, so if I change my mind about a particular related entry in the top of the list, I don't have to erase all the following one so it will look more "organized." I guess, you don't really think about the need of these mods until you start using them.

I'd rather have just this modified than explained to me since I am not really a programmer. Thanks,

Note.- The name of my website is my member's "profile," which is, of course, accessible to any registered member in the GT Forum. I'd rather have some privacy when dealing with some technical issues of my site.
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