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ID# duplication

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ID# duplication
I added a new user to help look after the forum for me (http://www.mediamage.com/links/pages/) and ever since, the ID numbering started over again at #1. What has happened because of this is that there will be two ID 20's which results in them both showing the same URL when clicked on.

I realize that I will now have to go in and manually change all of these but I was curious why this happened? I have never paid much attention to the ID numbering. Is the reason because I have added another user to look after it?

Also, how can I view the highest ID number we have used so far so that I can renumber the wrong ones. Will it automatically start renumbering correctly if I change ID #'s to a higher number ie) change from 20 to 643, will next default number be 644 or will I have to somehow remember this each time?

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