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GLinks3 and Includes

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GLinks3 and Includes
I'm trying to integrate Article Manager and GLinks 3.0. Under Static, its working fine.

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<% include /myfullpathnameto/articles/publish/category_list.html %>
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The category_list.html has something like
<a class="mainlevel1" href="http://www.bowlingzone.com/articles/publish/cat_index_19.html">Announcements</a>
<a class="mainlevel1" href="http://www.bowlingzone.com/articles/publish/cat_index_20.html">About Bowling</a>

When under Dynamic view (or under dynamic sections such as Search) then the URL's get mangled to

Is there a way to prevent that? Somehow dynamic is parsing out the base URL and replacing for use in page.cgi when I don't want it to.

Thanks for the assist.

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