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Re: [deadroot] [suggestion] New features for Gossamer Links

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1) I think there are a few change info plugins. I believe if you run community, many of those features are enabled, as a free pluging.

2) there is an editors plugin, but if all you are looking for is a notification or sign up type link, I think this can be done fairly easily. The problem is, that the GT editor system is a "trusted" system. It assumes your editors are working for you, and are not from the population at large. It doesn't keep backups, audit trails, or similar information (last I looked). It's not really set up for allowing Dmoz-style editors/editing. Several people have taken stabs at it, and I have one project on the back burner, that might move a little forward, since some of the comments/blogger code I'm working on plugs into various other things, such as admin validations, message flagging, and rudimentary audit trails.

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