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A Stats Plugin -- Pie Graphing

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A Stats Plugin -- Pie Graphing

This is for Laura@aflnr ... others can respond.

Background: Pie Charting With One Or Two Levels Of Drill Down

Country/State/City -- Custom Columns in Links Table (could be added if not already present).


(1). A Pie Chart Of Global Stats (Country Stats of links) with Break Down And legend.

(2). Clicking On A Country in the Pie Chart Pops Up ( an new small window ... big enough to have good visibility not requiring a magnifying glass to read) A Drill Down Pie Chart For The Country State/Province Wise (on glinks) with legend.

(3) A Further drill down On State To Display a pie chart with kegend for City stats (on glinks)

Placement restriction of the starting graphic: the restriction is a 160px dia ie to comfortably fit in the include_sidebar.html template of luna template set in glinks.

An extension of this could be applied to following:

New Links
Popular Links

Just a thought which i am definite would need a custom plugin. Any idea on the price range of such a plugin? Others can vote for or aginst this, or add to this in terms of features list. But no histograms ... a pie chart...

Actually, buffing up the exteriors or completely overhauling the interiors was what most dreamt of when glinks3 was announced. As already mentioned by webmaster33 in it's current state, it lacks all the bells and whistles to justify such a big version jump. Things unattaneded to in v2 still are planned for next release :/

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