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MySQL insert question

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MySQL insert question
Greetings All:

I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the MySQL Forum - but I am sure someone will know.

I have searched for Forum and tried to decipher the MySQL docs, but am still unsure how to go about this.

When I first setup links some years ago I created 'Yes' 'No' fields within my tables eg. Do you like oranges 'Yes' or 'No' - selected via radio buttons.

I believe a better way to do it now is simply to change these fields to a different type (integer?) so I will be able to have a '1' for Yes and a '0' for No in the database. There are some real reasons I want to do this..... Now for my question.

What MySQL Monitor command will I need to enter to achieve this? In other words, I want every record in my database in the links table xxx.field where it = Yes to be changed to '1' and where it = No to be changed to '0'. (do I need to do the change to 0 or just delete the 'No'?)

Would I then need to change that field to a different type - integer maybe?

Sorry for my ignorance on this - but I would appreciate some advice.


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