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How to create 2 seperate sign up forms?

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How to create 2 seperate sign up forms?
Hello board,

I have set up links SQL to have two different user types. When a user goes to register they select the type of user they are and then enter username, password, and email on the "sign up form." Then they go through the validation process and upon success...

Depending on which type of user they are I want them to continue the registration process and enter more "user" information to finish the process before they begin to add links. Depending on the user type I want to present them with a different form.

I have tried the following:

On the validation success template I added:

<%if user_type eq 'option1'%><%include signup_option1_form.html%><%endif%>

This does insert a form, but when I go to fill it out and enter the information, I get a message that says, "Please fill out all fields completely." and it defaults back to the sign up form page instead of grabbing the info and adding it to the User database.

What's the best way to do this?

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