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Hello Folks

Ive found a great script to resize images on the fly

Ive instaled it in my server, but i need to know how to pull from the table the real location of the file

like http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/fotos/0/100-46.jpg

as it seens not to work with files like <img src="db.cgi?cn=foto_1&do=view_file&db=imoveis&id=129" width="320">

the script in action

http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/...=/fotos/0/100-46.jpg (22k file)

http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/...46.jpg&width=100 (4.3k file)

I will do a combo with

Or if anyone has a good idea on how to make a photo gallery with the pictures and thumbs using dbman sql I would be very gratefull


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