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Sorry for the very late answer. When you take a look at our database (in DBMan) -- http://www.gasballon.be/...i?db=default&uid= you see at the bottom
Database Last Updated: Thu Oct 14 18:37:31 2004

In html.pl the code is $date ( my $date = localtime((stat($db_file_name))[9]); )

Now, I am trying to setup a DBMAN SQL version of the same database. In the footer of each page, I also will display the same information.

So, it is NOT the date that an entry is updated, but the date that the last one is updated. I know it is a strange question. In the earlier version it works fine.

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- how is the date field set up in your database?
- do you need to convert the date into another date format before displaying (e.g. Europen date format)?
- where would you like to display the date?

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