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Banning & unbanning

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Banning & unbanning
We're really struggling with this part of the set-up. If someone bans a user from a specific forum, we can't find a way to "view" forum bans and therefore remove them.

To get around this problem, I gave all moderators "administrator" status (but no password to the admin section itself) and told them to IP ban rather than user or forum-specific ban, so at least I could go to "Users>Edit bans" and see what was banned and remove it if necessary, but....

Even when I go to "edit bans" and remove an Ip from the list, it re-bans persistently for a period. (We tested on my own IP)

So, we need to know how to view all bans - forum specific and/or user, and how to unban them definitively, as it is awkward enough to have to edit bans before I post anything myself but hardly practicable for anyone who doesn't have access to the administration section - i.e. everyone but davidnavigator and myself!

... And yes, I can change my Ip, so that's not the issue, it's how to manage genuine bans that is the problem.
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