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Re: [HyperTherm] Bugzilla??

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My POV is that a user when he submits a bug to an open forum like this, isn't is more dangerous? In Bugzilla Accounts at least a guy has to be a registered user to at least see them (that's how *normally* they are configured by prject owners).

You're point of view is understood too Smile

Another side to it is, that if there is an abrupt end to a thread concerning bug it's no good experience either.


And getting the bugs sorted out cannot go into a *Custom Work* category for sure... though there can be a difference of opinion on this from the respective view points.

Again, agreed. I don't think GT do this though. I've seen a few bug reports around, which are fixed up fairly quickly, and released in the next update. However, these are only true bugs ... i.e, like you said, a bug that breaks something (that the user can see). Feature requests though (i.e "can you add...") arn't really their responsability.

I guess its not really my place to go too deep into any issues/problems that you may have had ... but please remember; Its always easier than it looks =)

I, for one... know exactly how it is. One bug... leads onto another one.. or a better way to do something... and before you know it, you've rewritten the whole routine. Also, its very well fixing the bug... but you need to be sure it hasn't broken anything else (which is why GT test the latest fixes on this forum, when they feel it is stable enough for live viewing) .... if that isn't a good enough test.. I don't know what is =)


Andy (mod)
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