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Re: [Andy] PMManager - Give it a test!

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Re: [Andy] PMManager - Give it a test! In reply to
Its been a while since I last posted anything on this .. but I'm almost ready for a release =)

Been fixing up some bugs, a few template issues, writing the documentation, and generally making it more powerful =)

New features include;

1) Supports "Keep" feature now...
2) Faster searches
3) Breadcrumbs
4) "Delete All Messages in Folder" feature
5) Cleaner templates, with a cool menu on the left, for easier navigation of your folders / to send a new PM.

... and more :)

Should *hopefully* have a release later today. I just got a minor bug report back.. which shouldn't take long to fix ... and then I think we are ready :)

Thanks for your patience.


Andy (mod)
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