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Javascript Validation help

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Javascript Validation help
Heya all,

I've grabbed the piece of JS from the internet. I know nada about JS so I'm hacking this together.Wink

I want to validate a specific field (email) and simply pop a warning when someone is using a hotmail account. After they close the pop-up I want the form submission to proceed as normal.

This works fine except that nothing happens after they close the pop-up. The JS was apparently written to prevent them from continuing if the function is true. How do i need to tweak this to get the form to be submitted after they read the warning?


<script language="javascript">
Names = new Array(
function Check() {
//Change FORM and FIELD to the form name and field name throughout this function
awdrgy = 0
aLeRt = 0
while (awdrgy<=Names.length-1 && aLeRt!=1) {
if (namechk==Names[awdrgy]) {
aLeRt = 1
alert("You are using a Hotmail account")



<form name="FORM">
<input name="FIELD" onblur="Check();" onblur>
<input type="button" onclick=storytest() value="Submit" class="form">

Safe swoops

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