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PayPal IPN always returns 'INVALID'

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PayPal IPN always returns 'INVALID'
Even with otherwise successful transactions, the postback always returns 'INVALID'.

If I comment out (or test for 'INVALID') in GT::Payment::Remote::PayPal.pm, then everything is fine. The status is 'Completed' and all the other fields are as expected. It goes on and validates the link correctly. It's just the initial postback that fails everytime.

Are there any obvious things I should check? Or has the IPN format changed? If it makes a difference, the postback is under plain CGI and over plain http.

On a similar note: Is the 2checkout code only for version 2? I have an old version 1 2checkout account and all I get is a white screen when postback.cgi is executed. No debug information is written so it must be returning almost immediately.

Many thanks
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