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wget - output file?

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wget - output file?
Hi guys. I've been having a look through the docs, and also on Google; but can't seem to find an answer.

Is it possible to do something like;

wget http://www.mysite.com/index.php?get=test&group=1234 > import.txt

... where the output from that page is text.

I've done a similar thing already with LWP::Simple... but its slow as hell.. so I'm trying to work out another way :/

print "Grabbing URL: $_ \n" if $DEBUG;
my @got = get($link);

print "Grabbed URL: $link , now writing...\n" if $DEBUG;
open (XMLTEST, ">$CFG->{admin_root_path}/dev/$id.xml") || die "Can't write file $CFG->{admin_root_path}/dev/$id.xml. Reason: $!";
print XMLTEST @got;

Anyone got any suggestions? Smile


Andy (mod)
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