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Adding LinkOwner page

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Adding LinkOwner page

Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this or if its even possible, did a search on the Links SQL forums and it doesn't seemed to have come up before.

What im hoping to do is add a LinkOwner page for each user with validated links, for example say LinkOwner Some_Design_Agency has 5 sites listed, with each site listing im hoping to setup a Site designed by: Some_Design_Agency link that goes through to a company details page.

Was thinking of using the Detailed pages for this perhaps something like....

# Added to the links.html page

<%if LinkOwner !eq "admin"%>
Site designed by: <a href="<%detailed_url%>"><%LinkOwner%></a>

Trouble with this method is detailed_url will return a unique page for each listings so to use the example above Some_Design_Agency will have 5 identical pages with their company details info.

Thanks for your help,

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