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Re: [croco] A few questions

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Yes, it's a fine way to handle this... but it does not seem to work when a visitor reaches an adult site with a search request (I've typed "xxx" in the search field).

Yeah, thats the only limitation of the current method. It could be done with my"filter" plugin, modified a little bit, so that you can define which words are classified as "adult content", and it then needs you to pass &adult=1 or something in the URL string, so the results know what they can show.

Sorry is that didn't make any sense what so ever Crazy

Is it not possible to have two installations of LinksSQL on the same domain in oder to strictly separate the two directories ?

Sorry, I misundersood that part of your question :)

From a license point of view, you would have to buy another license (20% discount) to be able to run 2 installations. Its easily possible, as we do it all the time.


...etc. You can even run multiple installations off one database, as a prefix can be used (i.e lsql_).

Hope that answers your questions :)


Andy (mod)
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