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Re: [croco] A few questions

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Is it right that this work will be much easier to handle with LinksSQL ?

As far as I know, its pretty simple. LinksSQL is built a lot better, in the way that it was designed for non-english languages, which need to use foreign charachters (take a look at your post, for example, where you can post ", , " without Gossamer Forum even complaining :)

Is it possible to link directly with full url instead of using jump.cgi ?

Yeah, just change;




I want to create a non-adult directory and an adult directory at the same time. I do not want the non-adult visitors to access (while making a search request or browsing the cats) the adult part without being warned with a disclaimer page.
Is it possible to run two separate directories on the same domain with the same script ?

Unfortunatly not. I do something like this on http://www.find-a-search-engine.com, if you look in the "Adult" category, it will ask you if you actually want to visit this page. Its done with some javascript in the category.html template, which checks to see if the category is adult orientated, and if it is, then it loads the popup window (great for still being spidered by Google too).

Is there a log of the keywords used in search requests ?

Yeah, there is a plugin called SearchLogger, which does this. It shows you how many results were found for the search query at the time, as well as how many times that same query has been searched Smile

Hope that answers your questions.


Andy (mod)
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